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Watch High octane Action- Download Action Films

The heroine is caught in the stranglehold of the villain, the hero is fighting all odds to reach out to her, and meanwhile the baddie and cronies are making every effort to stop the hero from succeeding in his mission. Thus, ensue a clash between the evil and the good. This chase is followed by high action racing cars, grisly encounter between the mafia and the hero, and jaw dropping action moves. If this pumps up your adrenaline, then you are a big buff of action movies. The era of 1970 was dominated by action films. The world witnessed the ilk of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Steven Segal. These icons took the level of male macho and action stunts to another level. You can download action movies and learn some new moves.

The genre of action flicks is quite popular among audiences. While the male counterparts want to emulate the style of their favourite action guru, the females are swayed by the tough exterior- soft interior of these heroic stars. 1980ís predominantly gave birth to a new sub genre- action comedy flicks. When 48 hours film was released, it created an explosion at the box office and started a new trend. 1990s was a decade of sequels. It witnessed new additions in the action genre- spy films and urban-action films. In these years also emerged CGI, computer generated imagery that revolutionized the business of film making. The action scenes were crisp and clear. The success of Bond film proved that people had moved beyond the regular romantic films. Also, came in this period, the hybrid- comic book inspired films like Batman, and paved way for the new millennium. You can watch action movies online and immerse in the wonderful world of drama and action.

In the new millennium the face of the actions films have changed. The success of Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean series found the right chord with the audiences and are one of the most loved action movies of all time.